December 11 2012

The Lone Ranger Gets Another Trailer and it Makes a Bit More Sense

The first Lone Ranger trailer wasn’t a huge hit with critics as it was just odd. It seems that the producers may have agreed.

Despite the fact the film doesn’t come out until next summer, we have already been treated to a second trailer for The Lone Ranger. This one seems to be going in a very different direction with the focus shifting more universal themes of action, revenge and a tiny bit of what appears to be passing for humor these days.

It doesn’t matter how much I see about this film, it just isn’t enticing me in the least. It’s not I mind Westerns, and I love Johnny Depp in pretty much everything he does, but this is just feeling really, really off to me. Throw in Gore Verbinski in the director’s chair, and Jerry Bruckheimer as a producer and this should be screaming to make a huge splash at the box office, but everything tells me that when the tallies for 2013 come around, everyone will be going, “What went wrong with The Lone Ranger?”

Yo can see if my predictions come true starting July 3, 2013.

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