December 14 2012

The Events in Newtown, CT

Batman - head bowed

Today is not the day for me to post a movie trailer or obsess over the minutia of a television show.

I have opted to run the same image with this post that I ran for the Aurora, CO shootings because the only images I could find of the tragedy in Newtown, CT showed the children that survived the massacre. They do not need another copy of those images floating around on the Internet for the rest of their lives. I mean no disrespect to the families impacted by these events by associating Batman with this post.

Through out the day I have heard and seen people asking, “Why?” and I can honestly say there is not a word that could come out of this monster’s mouth that would give me any form of comfort. There is nothing he could say that would make me go, “Oh, okay, now I get it.” I would prefer that we never have to hear him speak. Ever.

While every shooting event is senseless and makes you wonder what is wrong with this world, this one has left me numb. How do you even begin to process someone shooting defenseless five-year-olds?

And to the media … how can you live with yourself interviewing the children? How can you say that you had a duty to get their side of things? They have no side. They are hundreds of innocent children that have to process this event in their lives when they haven’t even developed coping mechanisms yet. You disgust me.

My heart and condolences go out to everyone impacted by this horrific event.

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