December 29 2012

Domestic Box Office Sets a New Yearly Record in 2012

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As of Dec. 27, 2012 officially became the highest grossing year ever at the domestic box office for the movie industry.

As of Thursday, the domestic U.S. box office total for the year passed $10.6 billion, beating the record set in 2009 of $10.59 billion. With four days – and a holiday weekend amidst that – left to go, expectations are that the total will come in close to $10.8 billion.

As one would imagine, The Avengers bringing in $623.4 million didn’t hurt, or The Dark Knight Rises hitting $448.1 million. The Hunger Games also cracked $400 million as well, so while the grand total was a new record, you can see more than a tenth of the total amount was made up by just three films. While great for them, it says that the rest of the industry was lacking a bit.

Sometime next week we should get a breakdown of the biggest flops of the year, and somehow I think John Carter is going to be pretty high on that list.

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