January 6 2013

J.J. Abrams Grants Dying Fan’s Wish Just in Time

Star Trek Into Darkness - still

J.J. Abrams granted a dying fan’s wish to see Star Trek Into Darkness, and now, sadly, that fan has passed.

Daniel Craft, 42, passed away Friday night from complications due to cancer. Craft recently came to the attention of the public anonymously when an online campaign was started to get director J.J. Abrams to show him his second Star Trek film prior to its May release. Word did indeed get to Abrams, and he arranged a private showing of the unfinished film to him and his wife. The director was afraid they would dislike it as not all of the special effects were finished, but in a statment after the viewing, they did indeed enjoy it.

Kudos to Abrams for carrying through with it, and condolences to Craft’s family at his passing.

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