February 5 2013

Thunderbirds Returning to TV in 2015

The Tracy family is reforming International Rescue for Thudnerbirds Are Go!

British broadcaster ITV announced on Monday that it is collaborating with New Zealand based Pukeko Pictures and Weta Workshop to launch a new version of the infamous marionette series, Thunderbirds. The new series of 26 half-hour episodes will be entitled Thunderbirds Are Go!, the saying that appeared in each episode’s opening montage.

Where the original series was completely done with marionettes, the new show will use a mixture of marionettes, CGI and live-action model sets. No word as of yet if the vehicles will be redesigned at all, but they are sure to receive some sort of tweaks to modernize them.

Sadly Gerry Anderon, the creator of the original series, passed away just last month after a multi-year battle with Alzheimers.

2015 marks 50 years since the debut of the original series, so it only seems fitting that would be when the new version would launch.

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