February 8 2013

Justice League Movie Script May Be Going Back to Page One

Justice League core five

If you were looking forward to a Justice League movie in 2015, you are probably out of luck.

Warner Brothers has been trying to put together a Justice League movie for years, and after the success of last summer’s The Avengers, it looked like the studio was finally ready to commit. But then came word that it would be waiting to see how Man of Steel performs this summer, but barring a disaster the movie would go into production for a 2015 release.

But as with seemingly everything connected to this project, things appear to be off the rails again.

Badass Digest is reporting that multiple sources have informed them that Warner Brothers has tossed the script by Will Beall (Gangster Squad) because, well, it was terrible. It may not have been completely Beall’s fault, however, as apparently studio execs were taking heroes in and out of the film at will besides the core five.

Apparently the script had Darkseid as the villain and focused heavily on the cosmic parts of the DC Universe, but no other details are known beyond it apparently being really, really bad.

As a long time comic book reader, I can tell you that starting off with Darkseid would have been wrong on two levels. First of all, it gets pretty heady when you deal with this character and his God-like powers. Secondly, we know the Marvel movies are going to be dealing Thanos as shown by the closing credits of The Avengers. Well, small problem… Marvel has been accused of ripping Thanos off from Darkseid. Seeing as Marvel got him into a film first, and The Avengers 2 and Justice League would have been released so close together, non-comic book reading movie goes would have seen it as the other way around.

At this point, I will believe a Justice League movie is real when I am sitting in a theater and the logo comes up on the screen. Until that time, I am fairly certain it is never going to happen.

Source: Badass Digest .

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