February 15 2013

CBS Won’t Go Heavy on New Programs Next Fall

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When you’re at the top of the heap, you don’t want to mess with success. That seems to be a strategy that CBS is going to run with for the fall 2013 television season.

Speaking with analysts on Wednesday, CBS CEO Les Moonves said that when it came to new programs, “we aren’t going to need very much.” It’s hard to argue with him when he has the number one network and some of the highest rated shows in NCIS, The Big Bang Theory and the CSI franchises. He did say that the network “ordered a couple of more pilots than in previous years,” but it sounds like the network won’t be using too many of them.

Of course, not everything CBS touches turns to gold as evidenced by having the first cancellation of the current TV season with Made in Jersey, but overall Moonves has been on a hot streak.

That being said, he also needs to take a lesson from NBC in the 1980s and 90s. At that time it seemed the peacock network could do no wrong, and it now finds itself in fourth place. While the success of today is fantastic for CBS, it also needs to build for the future. A lot of its hit shows are showing definite age and have been running for years. Two and a Half Men, CSISurvivor and more have had amazing longevity, but they won’t run forever. Survivor: Caramoan had the lowest ever premiere episode for a season of the series, and that needs to be examined.

Enjoy it while you can Moonves, it never lasts.

Source: Deadline .

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