February 18 2013

Die Hard Storms the Box Office to Win the Weekend (UPDATED)

A Good Day to Die Hard banner

Apparently some people still are up for seeing Bruce Willis get into horrible situations, but not as many as used to.

A Good Day to Die Hard took the weekend with $25 million bringing its total to $33.2 million. It’s currently pacing behind the last film, Live Free or Die Hard. It’s only about $5 million behind, but that when you factor in inflation of ticket prices, things aren’t going swimmingly for the franchise.

Coming in second was Identity Thief with a very strong hold from last weekend, slipping only 32.2 percent to land $23.4 million. It now stands at $70.7 million off of a $35 million dollar budget, and some estimates say when the President’s Day totals come in, it may surpass Die Hard.

Third place went the new romance Safe Haven with $21.4 million. It has a healthy launch on Valentine’s Day and now stands at $30.2 million.

Escape From Planet Earth, the latest in a slew of totally forgettable animated films, took fourth place with a disappointing $16 million.

Warm Bodies rounded out the top five with $9 million bringing its domestic total to $50.2 million.

Jumping out of the top five for a new release, Beautiful Creatures absolutely bombed. It brought in $7.46 million off of a $60 million dollar budget. Just goes to show you that not every young adult novel should be turned into a movie.

So, where did my current favorite train wrecks land? Well, The Last Stand came in… somewhere not good. It wasn’t even assigned a position number. In its fifth week of release Schwarzenegger’s latest bomb brought in $22,600. Yes… that number is not a typo. That brings its domestic total to $11.9 million off of a $45 million dollar budget.

Bullet to the Head is in its third week of release, and it brought in… I have no idea. It seems the studio chose not to report it, but I am now hearing rumblings that its budget was around $55 million, and as of Thursday it had done around $8.9 million.

Next week sees the releases of Dark Skies and Snitch.

Curious how I think these new films will do? Check out my first quarter films of 2013 predictions.

UPDATE: Once the weekend actual numbers came out, Bullet to the Head had lost 1,934 screens and pulled in a meager $240,819 in its third week of release. This put its domestic total at $9,234,498 off of a reported $55 million dollar budget. This is a disaster of epic proportions.

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