February 21 2013

X-Men Days of Future Past Starts Taking Shape

X-Men Days of Future Past set photo - hallways - 640

Apparently Bryan Singer is really excited to be working on another X-Men film and is taking every opportunity he can to share images of the work that’s being done.

The picture above showed up in Bryan Singer’s Twitter feed with the message:

How many days until @Comic_Con? #XMen #DaysofFuturePast #SDCC

While he doesn’t explain the image, anyone who has seen the first three films will know what it is immediately: The hallways of the X-Men HQ in Xavier’s mansion.

X-Men - hallways

Additionally, earlier in the week he tweeted this image.

X-Men Days of Future Past set photo - wheelchairs

With the message:

Hello old friends #XMen #DaysofFuturePast

Yep, wheelchairs. On the left is the one for the older version of Prof. Xavier (Patrick Stewart), and the younger version on the right (James McAvoy).

It looks like things are shaping up nicely for the latest film in the X-Men franchise.

Source: Hallway image: Bryan Singer's Twitter Wheelchair image: Bryan Singer's Twitter .

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