March 4 2013

Jack Quietly Slays the Box Office (UPDATED)

Jack the Giant Slayer - banner

Another quiet weekend at the box office leads to weak openings for the newest releases.

Jack the Giant Slayer opened with a pretty weak $28 million off of a $195 million dollar budget. It took in $13.7 million overseas and looks to be pretty much destined to be a bomb. Warner Brothers is off to a miserable start of the year with Gangster Squad, Bullet to the Head and Beautiful Creatures all failing to perform.

Second place went to Identity Thief which took in another $9.7 million and brings its domestic total to $107.4 million, and marks it as the first film of the year to break the $100 million dollar mark. Pretty good for a movie with a $35 million dollar budget.

The new teen comedy 21 and Over opened to $9 million to take third place for the week. It had a $13 million dollar budget and makes it unclear if it will turn a profit at this point.

The Last Exorcism Part II took fourth place with $8 million, but seeing as it had a $5 million dollar budget, it’s not a horrible turn for the sequel.

Rounding out the top five was Snitch with $7.7 million.

No report on The Last Stand or Bullet to the Head, so it looks safe to say these abominations are either gone, or almost there. Talk about two train wrecks.

If you think I’m being overly harsh on how films are performing, history backs me up on how bad things are right now. February saw only $617 million taken at the box office, making it the worst that month has performed since 2002, and down 24 percent from the same time last year. Things are not good at the box office.

Next week’s big releases are Dead Man Down and Oz, the Great and Powerful.

Curious how I think these new films will do? Check out my first quarter films of 2013 predictions.

UPDATE: Weekend actuals showed Bullet to the Head was indeed still in theaters and took in $40,933. The Last Stand was nowhere to be seen.

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