March 13 2013

Mickey Mouse Shorts to Air on Disney Channel This Summer

Mickey Mouse shorts - 2013

Disney is returning to its roots with a series of 19 new Mickey Mouse shorts to air on Disney Channel beginning this summer.

It’s been quite some time since Disney gave much, if any, love to its most famous character, Mickey Mouse. While he has shown up in video games such as Epic Mickey 2, he has been completely absent from the animation field. Well, it seems the House of Mouse is about to change all that and put him back where he belongs which is in short form cartoons.

Disney released a teaser short on Tuesday entitled Croissant de Triomphe to give everyone a taste of what to expect, and while the art style is somewhat new, it just felt right. Mickey, Minnie, Daisy and assorted other characters were there, and it just felt right. I had actually commented to a friend on Monday how I’ve missed the company doing short form animation spots of its key characters, and now my wish has been granted.

It’s about time Disney paid some respect again to the character that launched the corporate juggernaught we know today. Welcome back, Mickey, we’ve missed you.

Source: Disney . Via: Deadline .

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