March 25 2013

The Croods Take the Box Office Back to the Stone Age

The Croods - still

Dreamworks Animation will be doing a happy dance today as it is seeing some success at the box office this weekend.

The Croods came in first this weekend with a healthy $44.7 million domestic box office take and an additional $63.3 million overseas. Dreamworks Animation has been on the rocks for a while since Rise of the Guardians flopped and it needed a hit, so this is good news. It had a $135 million dollar budget so it still has some ways to go to earn its budget back.

Coming in second was Olympus Has Fallen with $30.5 million. With Gerard Butler in the lead, I didn’t expect much from this since he tanked two of the biggest flops of 2012, but apparently the mixture of a good cast and the idea of the White House being taken over worked for movie goers.

Third place went to Oz the Great and Powerful that took in another $22 million to bring its domestic total to $177.5 million off of a $215 million dollar budget. It has taken in $178.8 million overseas, so it currently stands at $356.3 million globally. It isn’t going to hit $1 billion like Alice in Wonderland did, but it’s going to do okay.

The Call landed in fourth place with a 49.2 percent slide from last weekend to bring in $8.7 million and bring its domestic total to $30.9 million off of a $13 million dollar budget.

Rounding out the top five was the new Tina Fey/Paul Rudd romcom, Admission. It took in $6.4 million off of a $13 million dollar budget, but there is nothing to crow about here. Spring Breakers took sixth with $5 million with right around half as many screens and a $2 million dollar budget. Admission is in bad shape to be sure.

Elsewhere on the chart, The Incredible Burt Wondersone slipped 58 percent to bring in $4.2 million and land in seventh. This one is heading to the dog pile for sure with only $17.3 million so far off of a $30 million dollar budget. And Jack the Giant Slayer is still trailing John Carter with $2.96 million this weekend to bring it up to only $59 million domestic off of a $195 million dollar budget. You have to wonder if Fox execs are sweating yet bringing him back on the X-Men franchise.

Next week sees the release of G.I. Joe Retaliation, Marriage Counselor and The Host.

Curious how I think these new films will do? Check out my first quarter films of 2013 predictions.

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