May 5 2013

Disney Aims to Control the 2015 Box Office

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In 2015, Disney will account for half of the films released… give or take a couple.

Geeks of Doom ran a post the other day that spelled something out for me that I hadn’t noticed: Disney is going to make a run at decimating the box office results in 2015. Here is just a partial list of what the House of Mouse has planned for that year.

The few names on there that you may not recognize are easily explained such as Inside Out being Pixar’s 16th film, and Finding Dory being the sequel to Finding Nemo. Cinderella and Alexander haven’t had a release year attached to them yet, so 2015 is just a general target.

The big sticking point I see in this 2015 list is Star Wars Episode VII. The films have traditionally come out in May, but with The Avengers 2 already slated there, does Disney want to cannibalize its own ticket sales? That part may be tricky, and I could see Star Wars moving later in the year or possibly to 2016. The 2015 date has always seen a bit optimistic to me as work is not that far along on the production.

Any way you slice it, Disney is not leaving much breathing room for anyone else in 2015. Just from the films with announced dates, other studios are going to have a hard time working around these gigantic releases. No one is going to want to go up against The Avengers 2, and while Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, the fourth film, was the lowest performing of the series so far, it still brought in $241 million at the domestic box office.

The question is if Disney can pull off this many “tent pole” releases in one year. One has to imagine that even for a company the size of Disney this will be a bit of a strain. From marketing to potential audience fatigue, this could be a rough year for the company, but if it does pull it off successfully, no other studio will come close to touching it in the box office results.

Source: Geeks of Doom .

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