June 13 2013

Emma Watson to Star in Queen of the Tearling

Emma Watson

Hollywood has gone nuts for adapting multi-book fantasy series into films. So nuts, in fact, that the books don’t even need to be published yet to get a multi-film deal.

So I’m sure you’ve heard of the QUeen of the Tearling trilogy by Erika Johansen. Oh, you haven’t? Could that be because the book trilogy to be published by Harper Collins was only announced today… the same day the film series was announced?

Variety reported exclusively today that Emma Watson – best known as Heroine in the Harry Potter films – will take on the lead role in the Queen of the Tearling films as well as produce them. The only other name attached to the production so far is David Heyman as a producer, who also happened to have worked on the Potter films.

The rub in all of this, however, is the books have yet to be published. Harper Collins will begin publishing them in 2014, and the only thing known about them so far is that it is being likened to a female version of Game of Thrones and is set 300 years after a climate shift. The story centers around a 19-year-old girl and “a malevolent Red Queen (that) holds considerable power.”

Yep… that’s all it takes to get a film deal these days.

The sad thing is, I like Watson a lot. I think she has played her career very wisely post-Potter, and she does need to step up to the leading lady level at some point. But making an untested work the lynchpin of your big career move seems like a fairly risky idea to me. It will be fairly interesting to see how this plays out.

No word yet on when the films will begin releasing.

Source: Variety .

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