July 1 2013

Monsters University Keep the White House Down at the Box Office

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Pixar continued to reign supreme at the box office this weekend while terrorist attacks on the White House are once again shown to be a bad idea for a film.

Monsters University again took the top spot at the box office this weekend with a healthy $46.18 million, representing only a 44 percent slide from its opening weekend. This brings it to $171 million domestically and $300 million globally.

Second place went to the new Melissa McCarthy/Sandra Bullock comedy The Heat which took in $40 million in its opening weekend off of a $43 million dollar budget. This overperformed from the projections, so there are sure to be some happy people at Fox today.

World War Z eased to third in its second week with $29.8 million, a drop of 55.1 percent from its opening weekend. It now stands at $123.7 million domestically. Seeing as there is already talk of a sequel, it’s doubtful this is the last we’ve seen of this.

It appears you can throw White House Down on the pile of flops for the year. The action film starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx took in an anemic $25.7 million to land in fourth place. With a $150 million dollar budget this is not a good start. Considering Olympus Has Fallen did $90 million domestic earlier this year – and is still in 165 theaters – off of a smaller budget there are sure to be some mopey folks at Sony today.

Rounding out the top five was Man Of Steel which brought in $20.8 million and brings its domestic total up to $248.6 million off of a $225 million dollar budget. Globally it has now surpassed $520 million.

Where did After Earth end up this week? Who knows, its box office numbers haven’t been reported yet which is never a good sign.

Next week’s big releases are Despicable Me 2 and The Lone Ranger.

Curious how I think these new films will do? Check out my third quarter films of 2013 predictions.

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