July 10 2013

Fox Orders League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Pilot

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Remember The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie from 2003 that pretty much everyone hated? Someone has had the bright idea to turn it into a TV series.

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Fox has ordered a pilot based on Alan Moore’s popular comic book series The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. While I mention the comic is popular, I am sure most of you will remember how the movie tanked. Apparently that is what has led to this TV pilot as it is a way to sit on the rights and let them go. Seeing as the series is about public domain literary characters from the Victorian period, this won’t be a cheap undertaking, but apparently Fox is willing to give it a go.

As I’ve explained before, a pilot does not mean the show will necessarily make it to our televisions. It is just the first of many steps in that process. The show will shoot one episode and then present that to the network, which will then decide if it looks good enough for a 13 episode order. If those do well, then it will get an order for what is known as “the back 9” which will fill out the season.

My gut feeling here? It won’t make it to air, but you never know.

As with all works based on Alan Moore’s comics, the author will not be involved.

Via: The Hollywood Reporter .

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