August 3 2013

Batman Vs Superman Casting Reportedly Heating Up


With production slated to begin in early 2014 on Batman Vs Superman, Warner Brothers needs a new actor to take up the cowl of the Batman. And that is setting off a whole lot of speculation as to who is up for the job.

While you might think the upcoming Batman Vs Superman can just grab Christian Bale from the recent Christopher Nolan trilogy to reprise the role, you would be wrong. Everyone involved has said those films exist in a different universe and it won’t be the same Caped Crusader. So the hunt is on for a new Bruce Wayne, and rumors are circulating that the producers may be looking to go older with the character this time.

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that six names are already circulating as potential contenders.

Josh Brolin (46) — Brolin seems to get considered for everything these days, but that’s okay as he’s a good actor. I could see him as an older, more grizzled Bruce Wayne without too many issues. Two sources are currently saying that he is the Brolin is the frontrunner.

Ryan Gosling (32) — No. Just… no. Need a reason? Batman isn’t about being pretty. End of story.

Joe Manganiello (36) — Apparently he was a frontrunner to play Superman in Man of Steel, but his schedule on True Blood wouldn’t let him take the role. Sadly, I could see him as Kal-El, but I have trouble envisioning him as Batman.

Richard Armitage, (41) — He is best known for playing Thorin in The Hobbit trilogy. I really no next to nothing about him.

Max Martini (43) — Was recently in Pacific Rim and is known for a lot of TV roles. I liked him in the film, but really didn’t see anything that impressive out of him.

Matthew Goode (35) — He played Ozymandias in The Watchmen, also done by Zack Snyder. Could be interesting, but eh.

To be fair, this is a difficult role to cast for. Everyone has a different version of what makes the perfect Batman in their head. Heck, there are still some people who think Adam West was the best Batman. I, of course, say to those people they are wrong, but it just shows you how much opinions vary on the role.

The announcement will be a big one once it happens, but it’s anyone’s guess when exactly that will be.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter .

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