March 8 2014

Fox Renews Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Mindy Project, New Girl and The Following

New Girl

It’s that time of year again where the networks begin deciding which shows live or die, and Fox has come out of the gate with four renewals.

While some shows pick up super early renewals, the spring is where most of the decisions are made. Fox announced on Friday that it would be picking up Brooklyn Nine-Nine (second season), The Following (third season), The Mindy Project (third season) and New Girl (third season). None of these are actually big surprises beyond how early in the process they are. The big networks aren’t holding their upfront presentations until mid-May, so an early March pickup is always a welcome event by series as it allows them to plan. Although with some shows having already shot their season finales, it isn’t like much can change.

Fox has actually already renewed a ton of shows such as Bones, Sleep Hollow,  Glee, Master Chef Junior and a few more. It makes you wonder just how much room will be on their schedule for new shows.

For that matter, is Fox ever going to go to three hours of primetime? Why has that not yet happened?

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