March 14 2014

CBS Renews 18 Shows for Next Season

CBS went a little nuts on Thursday and opted to renew 18 of its programs in one massive swoop.

The eyeball network isn’t messing with its formula for success it seems and is going to rely very heavily on returning favorites for its line-up next season.

Don’t fret, The Big Bang Theory was picked up on Wednesday… for three seasons. Yep. It’s here until its 10th season for sure.

While it’s always nice to see your favorites returning to the air, this is such a large pick-up of current shows, it makes you wonder if they will be trying anything new next year or not. Sure it’s nice to have so many successes to your name, but with shows like Two and a Half Men entering its 12th season, you have to start grooming more successors.

We’re in the heart of renewal time, folks. Expect a lot more announcements in the coming days.

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