March 30 2014

Warner Brothers Suggests Justice League Movie on the Way

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Could Warner Brothers finally be putting a Justice League movie into theaters? It sure looks that way.

A Justice League movie has been rumored for years, but it has never had a coherent vision of how it was going to come together. Films based on DC Comics properties have been a mixed bag at best, but with the recent success of Man of Steel, and the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman film and the casting of Wonder Woman, it certainly seems things may finally be coming together.

Recently installed Warner Brothers CEO Kevin Tsujihara seems to want to put this long gestating project on the front burner. Speaking with The New York Times in a lengthy profile, Tsujihara apparently made cross-studio collaboration a priority and has done so by eliminating several layers of management roadblocks. Part of the first steps on this road are the launches of The Flash and Gotham television series, but that isn’t where he plans to stop.

Tsujihara revealed that a new film series will be announced soon, and while not identified by name, it appears that a Justice League film is included in those plans.

The best indication we have that this is indeed the plan is the fact that when Gal Gadot signed for Wonder Woman, the deal included three films in the deal. While Batman Vs. Superman would be the first film in that deal, it is assumed a standalone film would be the second and the Justice League the third.

Considering the success Marvel/Disney had with The Avengers, it isn’t surprising that DC/Warner Brothers wants its own team film. The only surprise is just how long it has taken to put this project together.

The big question for me? Will the film use the TV versions of The Flash and Green Arrow for the team? In the case of Stephen Amell – the actor behind Arrow – I certainly hope so.

Source: The New York Times .

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