April 19 2014

Sabotage Box Office Tanking Leads to Firings


Don’t think a box office flop hurts anyone? Ask the folks at QED International, the folks behind Sabotage.

Sabotage is clearly on its way to making the list of box office flops for 2014. While Arnold Schwarzenegger will go on to grace the screen in other films, five employees at QED International are currently looking for work. At the beginning of the week, just three weeks into the film’s release, the company let support staff and a junior lawyer go to save costs according to Deadline. Entering its fourth weekend, the film has only grossed $12.9 million globally off of a $35 million dollar budget.

While I always make jokes about flops, I have come to have a particular hatred for Arnold Schwarzenegger box office misses since he resumed acting after leaving the California governor’s office. His need to be a star again – for no good reason as he has plenty of money – has led to a string of flops that impact people far beyond him. While I suggest, in jest, Hollywood needs to stop him before he makes another, that is becoming a little less amusing and more of a reality.

Lets not beat around the bush, Schwarzenegger is back in films due to his ego. While he was a mega star in the 1980s thanks to a string of low-brow action films, that was the norm at the time. Audiences change, however. We are no longer looking for shoot-em up films with thread bare plots and catchy phrases. That era has passed as all things do in Hollywood. Sure one pops up here or there, but they are now more of a novelty, but someone seems to have forgotten to tell this relic that.

True, a film doesn’t get to the screen on the back of just one man, but would you tell Schwarzenegger “no” if he came to your studio and said, “I want to do this movie with you”? Probably not. The thing is, however, someone is finally going to have to tell him no. And not just someone, a lot of someones. Let him do cameos, let him produce, heck, maybe let him try directing, but do not, under any circumstances, let him lead the picture.

It isn’t funny any more. It’s time to jump in his Humvee and drive off into the sunset before he brings any more people down with him.

Source: Deadline .

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