April 27 2014

Justice League Film Confirmed by Warner Brothers

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Just in case we needed any more confirmation, Warner Brothers has finally officially confirmed that a Justice League movie is indeed in the works.

Speaking with the Wall Street Journal this weekend, Warner Bros. president of worldwide production Greg Silverman confirmed that the film was in the works and would follow up on the Man of Steel sequel, Batman Vs. Superman. “It will be a further expansion of this universe,” said Mr. Silverman. “’Superman vs Batman’ will lead into ‘Justice League.’”

If I was a betting man, this news was going to be held until San Diego Comic-Con in July, but when the Ray Fisher as Vic Stone/Cyborg rumor broke last week they just needed to get out ahead of it.

With the Man of Steel sequel slated for May 6, 2016, it looks like a Justice League film would more than likely not hit theaters until some time in 2018. By my calculations, that is also when we’re more than likely looking at The Avengers 3 hitting theaters. We already have a DC/Marvel showdown coming with Captain America 3, could Warner Brothers be dumb enough to throw the Justice League up what is sure to be one of the highest grossing films of all time?

Yep… I think they will.

Folks, welcome to the world of warring comics movies. Within the next few years it may be easier to name what movies are coming out that aren’t based on a comic book.

Source: Wall Street Journal .

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