May 7 2014

Disney Planning Three Spin-Off Star Wars Films

Star Wars logo red line

It appears Disney is going all-in when it comes to Star Wars films.

During a call with investors on Tuesday to cover the latest quarterly earnings for Disney, CEO Bob Iger said that the current plan for spin-off Star Wars films now stands at three over the next decade. These films are not to be confused with Episodes VII, VIII and IX, however.

We already knew that Disney had plans to do spin-off films, but originally we had heard that there would only be two of them. We still don’t know exactly what material these films will cover, but early rumors had suggested they would be early life stories for Boba Fett and Han Solo, with some other rumors suggesting Yoda was in the mix as well.

Currently the films are supposed to be released in the years that there are no episode films, so the current summation is that we will see the first film some time in 2016.

With San Diego Comic-Con rapidly approaching, something tells me that is where we will finally here some concrete plans on this front.

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