May 22 2014

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Title and Logo Unveiled

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice logo

At long last we have the title for the Batman Vs. Superman film, and it’s a doozy.

This is one of those times I’m grateful I can’t always post as soon as a big entertainment story breaks because it gives me time to think. Through out the day I was asked by friends and co-workers how much I hated the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice title, and to their surprise, I don’t hate it.

Is it a silly title? Yep.

Does it matter that it’s silly? Nope.

Honestly, Warner Brothers could have called this Batman V Superman: Electric Bugaloo, and it wouldn’t have mattered. Everyone is going to refer to it as Batman Vs. Superman until the cows come home. The Dawn of Justice bit is there just to show the connection to the upcoming Justice League movie. The only part that leaves me scratching my head is the whole “V” as opposed to “Vs.” It makes it sound like a court case. I think they’re going to be trying to settle who gets custody of Robin on holidays and summer break.

At the end of the day the title is silly, but I don’t hate it, and no one is ever going to say, “Man, you seen Dawn of Justice yet?” This will always be Batman Vs. Superman to the public, and that’s all that matters.

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