June 13 2014

DC Comics Planning a Massive Slate of Films

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Warner Brothers is apparently done just dabbling in doing films and is going to go full speed into a massive slate of films.

Marvel keeps itself to two films a year, but it seems DC Comics and its parent company, Warner Brothers, has decided it needs to catch up and wants to release three films a year. It appears that the schedule will run May – July – Christmas, and in 2017 things will really kick off. According to Nikki Finke, the big announcement will be made at San Diego Comic Con next month and the line up will be as follows:

Apparently the delay in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice had to do with finalizing the contracts for all of the actors that will debut their characters in that film and we can expect to see Cyborg, Green Lantern (not Ryan Reynolds) and the Flash, with Aquaman debuting in the Justice League film.

Looking over this schedule… Shazam is a mistake. He’s a weak character. Sandman should be considered something out of the chain. Flash/Green Lantern is an interesting idea.

We’ll see if this all proves true next month, but this is definitely a bold schedule if it is.

Source: Nikki Finke .

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