July 19 2014

Space Invaders Movie Optioned by Warner Brothers

Space Invaders

Warner Brothers is moving forward with a Space Invaders movie.

Yes… THAT Space Invaders.

The Wrap is reporting that Warner Brothers is moving forward with a film based on the 1978 Space Invaders video game. Amongst the announced producers is someone known for his quality projects, Akiva Goldsman.

What has Goldsman produced before? Lost in Space, Starskey & Hutch, Jonah Hex amongst others. Yep… his resume just screams quality.

Oh, and he wrote Batman Forever and Batman & Robin.

Yep, this is going to be awesome! A film based on an archaic, though iconic, video game with absolutely zero storyline. When was the last time we saw something similar? Oh yeah, Battleship. And that went so well.

Come on, Warner Brothers. Really? Is this really where we are now with films? Apparently so, and it’s just depressing.

Source: The Wrap .

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