July 27 2014

Tusk Trailer Brings the Frights

tusk teaser image

If you haven’t heard of Tusk yet, sit back and sit a spell.

During a popular episode of his Smodcast podcast, Kevin Smith relayed what ended up being a made up story of a man who was offering free room and board for a person willing to spend two hours a day pretending to be a walrus to keep a man company. You see, the man who had supposedly washed up on a deserted island and his only company for several years was a walrus.

The story turned out to be false, but during that episode of Smodcast, Smith’s imagination ran away from him and he thought he had the basis for a low budget horror film. He asked his listeners to tweet him with hashtag #WalrusYes if they thought he should make the movie, and #WalrusNo if they were against. He got thousands of the former, but only four or five of the latter.

He set about writing the script with Michael Parks in mind for the old man, an actor he admires greatly and had worked with on Red State. He put together $4 million in funding, and the results can be seen below.

Color me intrigued.

The trailer debuted at Smith’s annual San Diego Comic-Con Q&A session, and the film will hit theaters this September.

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