September 4 2014

The Rock to Play Black Adam in the Shazam Movie

Black Adam

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been laying down hints for months, but he has finally revealed what DC character he will be tackling.

Johnson has not been quiet about his involvement with a DC movie, and had even thrown at hints it was something to do with Shazam, but many thought it would be in the lead role. Instead it was revealed by Variety on Wednesday that he would be playing Black Adam, Shazam’s greatest foe.

Originally a straight up villain, Black Adam was reinvented some years ago as an anti-hero trying to clear his name. It appears that this will be the version in the upcoming film, and what Johnson himself has confirmed.

“We Love Dwayne and have had nothing but success with him over the years,” Toby Emmerich, President and COO of New Line, told Variety. “When I look at Dwayne both off screen and on screen, he is such a larger than life character and it just made perfect sense to me that we put him in a DC comic movie. You look at these comic book characters and they have this certain swag and charisma that Dwayne carries with him where ever he is so that’s why this always made sense.”

Still no word on a release date, but with Black Adam in place we just need a Shazam now.

Source: Variety .

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