October 5 2014

Star Wars Rebels Renewed for Season 2

Star Wars Rebels 1

Disney seems to have a lot of faith in Star Wars Rebels as the network has already renewed the series for a second season.

A day before the new Star Wars animated series debuted on Disney XD, the network announced that it was renewing it for a second season. To be blunt, it’s probably more surprising that this wasn’t already in place seeing as this is the first cartoon series produced for the property since Disney bought Lucasfilm meaning the synergy here is pretty inescapable.

Star Wars Rebels takes place approximately five years before the events in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and deals with the growing Rebellion and the oppression of the Empire on galactic citizens. While it deals with an entirely new cast of characters, there are some rumors stating that events in the cartoon will have an impact on those in Star Wars Episode VII. Seeing as this is first project under the new “everything is canon” mantra, that doesn’t seem overly surprising.

Star Wars Rebels Friday evenings on Disney XD.

Source: Hollywood Reporter .

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