October 7 2014

Twin Peaks Returning in 2016 on Showtime


That gum you like is very much coming back in style.

After teasing us last week, it was made official on Monday that Twin Peaks is definitely returning to television with a nine part series to air on Showtime in 2016. Mark Frost and David Lynch will be penning all of the scripts, and Lynch will direct all of the episodes.

Now… what’s the story.

Frost did some interviews today and made it clear that this is not a reboot, but instead picks the story up 25 years later. He wouldn’t reveal which, if any, actors will be returning, but did seem to indicate they expect some familiar faces to appear. And Kyle MacLachlan seems ready.

Frost also said that some questions we have been asking since the series left the air will indeed see answers.

This is all very intriguing as during one of Cooper’s interactions with Laura in the Red Room had her saying, “I will see you again in 25 years.” Did Lynch somehow plan this out? Doubtful as Frost said this came up about three years ago when he and Lynch had lunch after he remembered Laura’s comment, but intriguing all the same.

It’s going to be difficult to recapture the oddity of that series and make it compelling again, but over the years, every time I’ve caught an episode or a clip, it still pulls me in. I recently picked up the complete set and now I plan to work my way through it again and prepare myself to return to the Double R Diner, the Great Northern and… the Black Lodge.

Check out the promotional video released with the announcement below… and someone make sure there aren’t any fish in the percolator.

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