October 16 2014

All 30 Announced Super Hero Movies from Now Until 2020

Black Adam

Prepare thy self to watch a whole of super heroes coming your way in the next six years.

With the announcement yesterday of all the DC movie plans, the film schedule between now and 2020 has become insane if you’re a comic book fan. I remember when getting a comic book movie every few years sent me into spasms, now there will be some windows of time where I will only have to wait a week or two. That, to me, is insanity.

Release Date
Big Hero 611/7/14
Avengers: Age of Ultron5/1/14MCU
Fantastic Four8/7/15Fantastic Four
Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice3/25/16DCU
Captain America: Serpent Society5/6/16MCU
X-Men: Apocalypse5/27/16X-Men
Suicide Squad8/5/16DCU
Doctor Strange11/4/16MCU
Sinister Six11/11/16Spider-Man
Guardians of the Galaxy 25/5/17MCU
Wonder Woman6/3/17DCU
Fantastic Four 27/14/17Fantastic Four
Thor: Ragnarok7/28/17MCU
Black Panther11/3/17MCU
Justice League Part One11/17/17DCU
Amazing Spider-Man 32018Spider-Man
The Flash3/23/18DCU
Avengers - Infinity War: Part 15/4/18MCU
Captain Marvel7/6/18MCU
Unknown Fox/Marvel Film7/13/18???
Avengers - Infinity War: Part 25/3/19MCU
Justice League Part Two6/14/19DCU
Green Lantern6/19/20DCU

When you add in all of the TV shows as well, my mind just melts at how my beloved art form has finally made it’s way into the mainstream in ways it never has before. I couldn’t be happier, but it also frightens me a bit for the inevitable crash that will come one of these days and everyone tires of this style of story.

There are sure to be more films added in the coming years, but for now, sit back folks, there are about to be a whole lot of capes flying around.

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