January 2 2015

Biggest Box Office Flops of 2014


It’s that time of year where we see which films were the biggest box office flops of 2014.

2014 has come to a close, so now we can see what films were sure to have gotten at least a few executives yelled at.

A few notes on the table, the vast majority of those listed are obvious to have not turned a profit, but those that appear to have a total higher than their budget doesn’t mean they made any money. The rule of thumb is take the global gross, divide it by two and then subtract the budget to figure out if a film made a profit. This takes into account marketing costs, the higher percentage distributors take overseas and so on.

Domestic Box Office
Foreign Box Office
Production Budget
A Walk Among the Tombstones$26,307,600$26,874,000$53,181,600$28,000,000
The Best of Me$26,601,180$9,160,000$35,761,180$26,000,000
Draft Day$28,842,237$619,809$29,462,046$50,000,000
Get On Up$30,703,100$1,208,498$31,911,598$30,000,000
I, Frankenstein$19,075,290$52,079,302$71,154,592$65,000,000
The Identical$2,827,666N/A$2,827,666$16,000,000
Left Behind$14,019,924$5,663,000$19,682,924$16,000,000
The Legend of Hercules$18,848,538$42,430,914$61,279,452$70,000,000
Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return$8,462,027$10,200,000$18,662,027$70,000,000
Men, Women & Children$705,908 $1,000,000$1,705,908$16,000,000
Sin City: A Dame to Kill For$13,757,804$25,649,812$39,407,616$65,000,000
Vampire Academy$7,791,979$7,600,000$15,391,979$30,000,000
Winter's Tale$12,600,231$18,200,000$30,800,231$60,000,000

All-in-all, it wasn’t a terrible year for flops. The number dropped from 23 last year to 16 this year, so perhaps the studios are dialing in on what works a bit more? (highly doubtful)

This year’s list is truly a mix of different genres, styles, studios and so on. Unlike in year’s past where you could see a trend, 2014 is missing that. Except for maybe films in and around ancient Greece are tricky (Pompeii, Legends of Hercules), but otherwise there is no one big thread that I can discern. Heck, this year there isn’t even a connecting actor as in years past.

So, here’s hoping that 2015 sees the number of flops drop even further… who am I kidding? Then how would I have any fun?

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