January 16 2015

Escape From New York Reboot Finds a Studio

Escape From New York

The Escape From New York reboot finally has a studio over at Fox, and it seems that things may be finally moving forward.

I’ve been writing about this proposed remake of the 1981 cult classic since 2010. This thing has more lives than a cat at this point. What it hasn’t had up until recently, however, was a studio backing it. Rumor is that 20th Century Fox has now stepped in and scooped up the project after a bidding war with an eye towards turning it into a franchise. Yes, a franchise, because everything has to be a franchise these days in Hollywood.

Look, I love the original Escape From New York with a passion. It was original, it had political commentary and most of all it had Kurt Russell killing it as Snake Plissken. I was also excited for Escape From L.A.… until I saw it. The idea of anyone trying to go back in and recreating the vibe and feel of the original just doesn’t seem possible to me. It was a film that was very much a product of its time and the social and economic situations that surrounded it. Trying to recapture that is not going to be an easy task.

Will I see it? Yeah, I will. And then probably hate myself immediately afterwards.

No cast or crew have been announced as of yet.

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