January 29 2015

Chris Pratt Rumored to Be Up for the Role of Indiana Jones

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The rumor around Hollywood right now is that Indiana Jones is coming back for some new adventures, but it won’t be Harrison Ford cracking the whip this time.

Deadline has been reporting that it looks like Chris Pratt – who tore up theaters this past summer with Guardians of the Galaxy – will be taking up the role of the world famous archeologist in an attempt to relaunch the series of films since Disney purchased the rights from Paramount a few years ago. Could Chris Pratt be the man to take over the iconic role? He is according to numerous sources.

This is one of those times where it is very difficult for me to imagine anyone else in a role. Harrison Ford was Indiana Jones. It wasn’t a man playing a part, he was that archeologist to the 10-year-old me… even though I also knew he was Han Solo… the 1980s were a confusing time. But hearing and seeing someone else in that role may be the most difficult transition ever for me. I’m ok with changes in James Bond. I’ve come to expect Doctor Who to regenerate. But a different Indiana Jones?

This one is going to be rough.

This isn’t anything that will be happening immediately as Pratt currently has a Magnificent Seven remake shooting in a few months and then Guardians of the Galaxy 2 will begin filming after that. A new Indiana Jones adventure isn’t going to happen anytime before 2018 or 1019.

Source: Deadline .

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