February 10 2015

Is Green Lantern headed to Arrow? Just maybe

John Diggle Arrow

If you thought Arrow was ramping up the masked characters already, you may have seen nothing yet.

Apparently there has been fan talk that John Diggle – played superbly by David Ramsey – should become the John Stewart version of Green Lantern on Arrow. For those of you unfamiliar with comics, Green Arrow and Green Lantern (the Hal Jordan version) have a long history and shared many adventures and a comic for some time. Bringing a Lantern to the series makes some sense, but will it be Diggle?

Speaking with, Ramsey addressed the topic.

Is John Diggle John Stewart? I cannot say ‘yes’ and cannot say ‘no’. If that’s the case, it’s gonna be huge. This is the stuff they want to avoid. I think they don’t want anybody to know yet and they haven’t even told me.

They have told me that they are thinking about it and they are considering it. Greg Berlanti told me that. Andrew [Kreisberg] and Marc [Guggenheim] have told me that. I haven’t spoken to Geoff Johns about it, yet. But that’s the word from people directly involved in Arrow – that they’re working on something.

Well… it’s on the table at least. Before you get too excited, though, he did throw a tiny bit of cold water on the idea:

I would love it because I think that he’s an awesome character. I would love to sink my teeth into it. I don’t know how would fit into the Arrow Universe because the Arrow Universe is so rooted in kind of grounded reality, if you will, however real people with a bow and arrow can be. I don’t know how a thought-based weapon fits into that world. I don’t know how that fits into Arrow, but yes, to answer that question I would love to play the character.

And he’s right. Up until recently Arrow has been pretty “reality” based. The introduction of Ra’s al Ghul added a bit of mysticism to the show, but very subtly.

Could a Green Lantern fit into the show? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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