March 17 2015

Arrow and Flash prepare for the ends of their seasons

Arrow Season 3

In a world turned upside down, The CW is producing some of the best content on TV right now.

Lets face it, The CW has always felt like an “also ran” network, but as Arrow and The Flash march on, they are just becoming more and more enjoyable.

During the Paley Fest panels for both shows this past weekend, new trailers were shown for the remainder of their respective seasons, and both are looking pretty awesome. First up is Arrow.

So, Det. Lance finally figures out Oliver is the Arrow and turns on him after working together for some time now? Interesting.

Now, on to The Flash.

It looks like things are turning series over in Central City. And I won’t spoil for anyone where I think the Det. Thawne story is going. If it’s what I think it is… get ready for some insanity.

Both shows return this week.

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