March 22 2015

Which TV Shows are Canceled and Renewed for 2015/2016

Gotham cast

As we head into the time for the network upfront presentations, it’s time to start wondering what is going to be renewed and what’s canceled for the 2015/2016 television season. While not all decisions are final, we already know a good chunk of which ones have been renewed. It was a turbulent season to be sure, and more than likely a few more will be heading to the cancelation pile. Just a brief description here:

I will be updating this list as changes are announced by the networks, so be sure to bookmark it if you don’t see a decision as of yet on a show you care about.  The network upfronts where the final decisions are announced will be held the week of May 14. I have added a table to the bottom so you can see all of the info int he format you prefer.

Renewed for 2015/2016 Season

Arrow Season 3

Likely to be Renewed for 2015/2016 Season

Modern Family

On the Bubble for 2015/2016 Season


Canceled for 2015/2016 Season

A to Z - Season Pilot

Ending for 2015/2016 Season


ShowNetworkStatusLast Updated
2 Broke GirlsCBSRenewed3/22/15
The 100The CWRenewed3/22/15
Agent CarterABCRenewed5/7/15
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.ABCRenewed5/7/15
The Amazing RaceCBSRenewed5/11/15
America’s Funniest Home VideosABCRenewed5/7/15
America's Next Top ModelThe CWRenewed3/22/15
American CrimeABCRenewed5/7/15
American IdolFoxRenewed5/11/15
ArrowThe CWRenewed3/22/15
The BachelorABCRenewed5/7/15
Beauty and the BeastThe CWRenewed3/22/15
The Big Bang TheoryCBSRenewed3/22/15
Big BrotherCBSRenewed3/22/15
The BlacklistNBCRenewed3/22/15
Blue BloodsCBSRenewed5/11/15
Bob’s BurgersFoxRenewed3/22/15
Brooklyn Nine-NineFoxRenewed3/22/15
Celebrity ApprenticeNBCRenewed3/22/15
Chicago FireNBCRenewed3/22/15
Chicago P.D.NBCRenewed3/22/15
Criminal MindsCBSRenewed5/11/15
CSI: CyberCBSRenewed5/11/15
Family GuyFoxRenewed3/22/15
The FlashThe CWRenewed3/22/15
The GoldbergsABCRenewed5/7/15
The Good WifeCBSRenewed5/11/15
Grey's AnatomyABCRenewed5/7/15
Hawaii Five-0CBSRenewed5/11/15
Hollywood Game NightNBCRenewed3/22/15
How to Get Away With MurderABCRenewed5/7/15
iZombieThe CWRenewed5/6/15
Jane the VirginThe CWRenewed3/22/15
The Last Man on EarthFoxRenewed4/8/15
Last Man StandingABCRenewed5/12/15
Law & Order: Special Victims UnitNBCRenewed3/22/15
Madam SecretaryCBSRenewed3/22/15
Masters of IllusionThe CWRenewed3/22/15
MasterChef JuniorFoxRenewed3/22/15
The MiddleABCRenewed5/7/15
Mike & MollyCBSRenewed3/22/15
Modern FamilyABCRenewed5/7/15
The Mysteries of LauraNBCRenewed5/8/15
NCIS: Los AngelesCBSRenewed5/11/15
NCIS: New OrleansCBSRenewed3/22/15
New GirlFoxRenewed3/31/15
The Night ShiftNBCRenewed5/8/15
The Odd CoupleCBSRenewed5/11/15
Once Upon a TimeABCRenewed5/7/15
The OriginalsThe CWRenewed3/22/15
Penn & Teller: Fool UsThe CWRenewed3/22/15
Person of InterestCBSRenewed5/11/15
ReignThe CWRenewed3/22/15
Shark TankABCRenewed5/7/15
The SimpsonsFoxRenewed3/22/15
Sleepy HollowFoxRenewed3/22/15
So You Think You Can DanceFoxRenewed3/22/15
SupernaturalThe CWRenewed3/22/15
Under the DomeCBSRenewed3/22/15
Undercover BossCBSRenewed5/11/15
The Vampire DiariesThe CWRenewed3/22/15
The VoiceNBCRenewed5/10/15
Whose Line Is It Anyway?The CWRenewed3/22/15
The Biggest LoserNBCLikely to be renewed3/22/15
Hell's KitchenFoxLikely to be renewed3/22/15
MasterChefFoxLikely to be renewed3/22/15
About a BoyNBCOn the bubble3/22/15
A.D.NBCOn the bubble3/22/15
AquariusNBCOn the bubble3/22/15
Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?FoxOn the bubble3/22/15
OdysseyNBCOn the bubble3/22/15
Wayward PinesFoxOn the bubble3/22/15
A to ZNBCCancelled3/22/15
About a BoyNBCCancelled5/8/15
Bad JudgeNBCCancelled3/22/15
Battle CreekCBSCancelled5/8/15
The FollowingFoxCancelled5/8/15
Gang RelatedFoxCancelled3/22/15
Hart of DixieThe CWCancelled5/7/15
Manhattan Love StoryABCCancelled3/22/15
Marry MeNBCCancelled5/8/15
The McCarthysCBSCancelled3/22/15
Members OnlyABCCancelled3/22/15
The MessengersThe CWCancelled5/7/15
The Mindy ProjectFox (May move to Hulu)Cancelled5/6/15
The MillersCBSCancelled3/22/15
One Big HappyNBCCancelled5/8/15
Red Band SocietyFoxCancelled3/22/15
State of AffairsNBCCancelled5/8/15
UnforgettableCBS (Moving to A&E)Cancelled3/22/15
Weird LonersFoxCancelled5/11/15
The X FactorFoxCacelled3/22/15
Kitchen NightmaresFoxEnded3/22/15
The MentalistCBSEnded3/22/15
Parks & RecreationNBCEnded3/22/15
Two and a Half MenCBSEnded3/22/15

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  • Luis

    I won’t miss any of the ones that are confirmed cancelled or ending, but among those “on the bubble,” Elementary, Forever, State of Affairs, and both Marvel series really should be kept going. Constantine and Resurrection are both “meh” kind of shows. And any CSI is more than overstaying its welcome—the original has been on autopilot for a decade now, and the new Cyber show is atrocious.

  • SV

    What about DALLAS on TNT? That is an excellent show.

  • Bradley Tharp


  • David Elaine Lisle

    Forever, Constantine, Cristela and Bad Judge were all good shows. I liked Bad Judge and Cristela because they were just flat out funny and god knows we need a good laugh after all the cop and medical shows on tv. The reality shows are the ones that need to go. They are just time fillers by production companies who only care about profit and don’t want to pay real actors.

  • Kate

    I really liked about a boy! Its like why bother starting to watch a new show because they just cancel it anyway……I know many people who don’t they wait until there in the second season and then get the 1st season on demand.

  • George Stephenson

    I can’t believe that “forever” was cancelled!

  • Rosie0208

    When oh when will they stop with all the reality TV shows? I rarely watch network television these days first and foremost because I don’t want to watch 15 minutes of commercials for each half hour show and second, network execs and writers must think the American public has the collective intellect of a dust bunny. Look at most of the sit-coms on television and you’ll find nothing but a series of one-liner zingers that are usually sexually suggestive and raunchy in nature. It would be nice if shows didn’t feel they had to dumb everything down for their audience.