April 15 2015

CW promo for Arrow and The Flash is worthy of its own show

CW DC shows promo

Okay, The CW needs to make a one time special episode out of this promo for Arrow and The Flash.

I normally don’t care about show promos. They’re boring, rehashed footage no one cares about. Do something fresh and I’ll give it a look. Do something like this one The CW released this week and I’ll watch it multiple times.

Of course this “fight club” makes no logical sense, but who cares, it’s just awesome and fun to watch. It also shows you just how far comic book shows on TV have come. I have to say, I tip my hat to The CW, I despised Smallville, but Arrow and The Flash are now two of my favorite shows every week.

So, now, how about a holiday special of this? Could be a lot of fun, CW.

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