April 25 2015

Man of Steel: What it would have looked like in color

Man of Steel

Yes, Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel was shot in color, but what if he had shown it that way?

YouTube channel VideoLab decided to have some fun with 2013’s Man of Steel and see if it could make the somber film look like a Superman film. The results are pretty darn exciting to be honest.

I do think a lot of my issues with Man of Steel stemmed from my strong dislike of the color palette. As Superman even said in the movie, the symbol on his chest stands for Hope (according to the movie, not the comics), and there was nothing hopeful about this film. Superman looked like a zombie in a costume that needed a washing.

Snyder has a style to be sure, but it’s pretty clear it doesn’t match up with the character of Superman.

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