May 3 2015

Black Widows: Age of Me – Marvel gets women

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Usually if Saturday Night Live is making fun of something it has reached a level of societal recognition. Marvel needs a female-led movie pronto.

Marvel has been taking some flak lately for there being no female-led movie from it as of yet. While I do think some of the criticism is justified, I also think it shows a general lack of understanding of how Hollywood works. That being said, yeah, I think I would have rather seen a Black Widow movie instead of the upcoming Ant-Man.

Scarlett Johansson has proven she can be an action lead in Lucy, and she also has the upcoming Ghost in the Shell.  As of yet, however, Black Widow has been relegated to sidekick in the Marvel films. Johansson said in a recent interview that a Black Widow solo movie has indeed been discussed, but nothing has come to fruition.

Well, now Johansson was hosting Saturday Night Live again, and the sketch comedy show decided to take on the top with a sketch entitled “Black Widow: Welcome to Me.”

Considering how much work Johansson gets from Marvel, kudos to her for being willing to make fun of it.

I do have to say I think Marvel is improving. Yes, it should have featured women more prominently before now, but ABC’s Agent Carter, the upcoming AKA Jessica Jones on Netflix and the scheduled Captain Marvel movie do show the studio is making strides in my opinion.

All of that being said, I would also remind you that all of this comes out of the comic book industry, which has gone decades of being accused of being misogynistic. Things are improving in the comic shop, and then it had to trickle down to the films. It’s getting there.

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