May 26 2015

Robert Rodriguez set to direct Jonny Quest


Talks are moving once again on the live-action Jonny Quest film with a surprising name attached to the director’s chair.

It’s easy to forget that Robert Rodriguez has made some very family friendly films such as his Spy Kids series. Most often folks think of violent films such as Sin City when they hear his name, but he’s proven that he has it in him. Now it seems he and Warner Brothers have reached a deal for Rodriguez to now only direct a live-action version of Jonny Quest, but to also co-write it with Terry Rossio (Pirates of the Caribbean).

Jonny Quest is one of those properties that just never seems to go away. It only aired for one season originally, but it definitely struck a chord with folks as it keeps turning up every so often for a revival of some sorts. In this content starved Hollywood culture of today, it’s no surprise this property has been brought up once again.

Warner Brothers has had the rights for some time, but it kept sitting around. This isn’t the first time names ahve been attached to the project, so don’t be surprised if this one disappears as well, but it sounds to me like the pieces may be a bit more solid this time.

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