September 1 2015

Apple said to be in talks for original content


As if you didn’t already have a lack of free time, a new report states Apple wants to get into the original content game.

Netflix, Hulu and Amazon have all found success by producing original content, and now it appears that Apple wants to throw its hat into the ring as well. According to sources speaking with Variety, Apple has approached various studios in Hollywood about spearheading the effort, but after that the sources vary on how extensive this may be.

According to the report, Apple will put out headhunters in the coming months for people that could assist with these projects, but as to if the company is looking to produce TV style series or movies is still a bit up in the air. All that is supposedly known is that Apple wants to compete with Netflix on the original content front.

All of this may sound a bit odd to those who don’t follow the ins-and-outs of the tech world as you may be thinking to yourself, “But Apple doesn’t do streaming.” You would be correct… for now. Rumors have been circulating for nearly a year that Apple is working on some sort of TV streaming service that it hopes to launch within the next few months or early next year. If true, original content wouldn’t be such an out there idea for the monolithic company.

Only time will tell how accurate all of this is, but don’t be too surprised if we see a “Coming soon to Apple” logo in the not too distant future.

Source: Variety .

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