October 13 2015

Hulk rumored to appear in Thor: Ragnarok

Thor and Hulk

Could we see Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk show up in Thor: Ragnarok? One rumor believes so.

According to JoBlo, Marvel is set to team up the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) and Thor (Chris Hemsworth) in the third solo Thor movie. This would answer some questions left by the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron as you aren’t quite sure of the green goliath’s fate at the close of the film. And seeing as the Thor movies have done just ok at the box office, and the Hulk films did even worse, combining the two might actually end up boosting both of them. Not to mention their interactions in the films have been some of the most amusing.

The rumor goes on to state that Thor: Ragnarok will involve a “distant planet” that is “not Asgard and not Earth.” This could lead some to believe that this is a lead-in to the Planet Hulk storyline from the comics that dealt with Hulk being sent offworld by a number of heroes as he was too dangerous to stay here. Once on that world, he ended up conquering the inhabitants. This would fit too well into the movies, but perhaps we could learn Thor had taken him to another planet at the request of the Bruce Banner persona. (This is pure speculation on my part.)

The Marvel “solo” films have progressively become more about team-ups and ensembles, so this makes a lot of sense for a third Thor film.  Due to circles Thor moves in it’s hard for him to just randomly team up with the majority of the Avengers, and Hulk is a bit of a wild card that can be moved around easily on the chessboard. Plus it would put him back into play prior to the events of the upcoming Infinity War films.

Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters on Nov. 3, 2017.

Source: JoBlo .

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