October 16 2015

Furious 8 will head to New York City

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In an announcement that will come as no surprise to most people, Furious 8 will take place in New York City.

Various images have been showing up for some time suggesting the eighth Fast & Furious movie would take place in New York City, but during an appearance on The Tonight Show this week, series star Vin Diesel finally confirmed the new location.

New York, baby! Something that people don’t know is the first movie came from a Vibe article that was about street racers in New York. The director and producer at the time reset the whole movie in LA, but the Vibe article that the whole franchise was started from actually originated in New York. So we’re finally Bringing it back home, baby!

While I could certainly do without the overuse of the term “baby,” it’s good to see he’s still excited for this improbably successful series. I’m also trying to figure out how one would street race in New York…

F. Gary Gray is set to direct Furious 8, but that is about all that is known at this time. While Vin Diesel is back for sure, there have been no confirmations of other cast members yet. In the wake of the passing of Paul Walker, it’ll be interesting to see where the series goes now.

Furious 8 is slated to hit theaters on April 14, 2017.

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