October 29 2015

Networks are apparently quietly canceling shows

The Player - Season Pilot

Are the networks finding a creative new way to cancel shows? I think so.

Normally every fall TV season I await a huge announcement: Which new show got canceled first? Sure it means a show is off the air, but it’s a little game I play.

Well, here we are several weeks in and no one has been canceled yet. This may very well be a record.

What I have noticed, however, is the networks are reducing the number of episodes of troubled shows. For instance NBC reduced The Player from 13 episodes to nine. Fox lowered Minority Report from 13 to 10. I had a hunch this was the new cancellation, but I had nothing to back it up.

It seems I am no longer alone as E! Online has published a post spelling this out as well. It seems that “cancellation” causes issues for networks like fans getting irate. Additionally it makes it difficult to sell the shows to services such as Netflix. So it appears the new “cancellation” is to reduce the number of episodes and then bill it as a ‘limited’ or ‘event’ series. Those who don’t follow TV production will never be the wiser.

Well… darn it. You’ve taken away my favorite fall tv game! I live for the “cancelled after two episodes” announcements.

By the way, don’t get too attached to The Player, Blood & Oil, Minority Report or Wicked City.

Source: E! Online .

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