November 29 2015

Flash coming to Supergirl, and Constantine to Legends of Tomorrow

The DC TV universe is on the move with more crossovers and introducing more regular characters it seems.

Bleeding Cool has had two big reports recently in regards to the DC TV properties. First off, should Supergirl get picked up for her back nine episodes to give her a full season order – currently the series only has the normal order of 13 – it appears that the cast of The Flash may be showing up during May sweeps. While the shows air on different networks, they are produced by the same company so it won’t be difficult for this to be pulled together.

We’ll see what happens, but it would be interesting to see Supergirl introduced into the Arrow/Flash/Legends of Tomorrow universe.

The second big rumor from Bleeding Cool is that Legends of Tomorrow plans on rotating portions of the cast each season. Who could possibly join the cast in season two? Should the show make it to that point, it appears that Matt Ryan will reprise his role as John Constantine that he originated in Constantine and then reprised recently on Arrow.

Of course the show has to premiere first and then get renewed, but those are such tiny hurdles! I do like the fact they are seemingly looking so far ahead, however.

The DC TV universe looks like it will just keep growing, and with the quality they are producing, I’m fine with it.

Source: Bleeding Cool (Supergirl) Bleeding Cool (Legends of Tomorrow) .

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