December 6 2015

England’s weather finally did me in

Some times the universe is just not on your side when you travel. My 2015 vacation to England was one of those times.

From the time I arrived on Friday Nov. 27 the winds in Northern England were just killer. I spent my first two days wandering Manchester, then on Sunday and Tuesday I headed to Liverpool and York respectively. The winds in Liverpool were strong enough to blow me off balance, and I am not a small man.

I went to bed Tuesday night with sinus issues, and they were worse when I woke up on Wednesday. I decided instead of doing anything too stressful that day I would go to a theater and see a couple movies. I got back to my room around 6 PM local time… and that was the last time I left the hotel with my flight not scheduled until Sunday.

My sinus issues turned into a full blown sinus infection, and I’ll spare you those details. I missed a Christmas party I had tickets for on Thursday, as well as my Manchester United match on Saturday.

To say it was not a relaxing vacation would be an understatement.

This just goes to show that no matter how much you plan, it doesn’t always mean it’s going to work out. While I got to some of my plans, I certainly did not make them all. Which is also a lesson to me for the future: Perhaps don’t plan quite as much to do to avoid spending so much time out in potential bad weather.

So, flying home today, and then back to work on Monday, and then thoughts turn to the next vacation and being a bit more careful with the planning.

And the picture with this post was taken on the train to York and shows you a good example of how the weather went.

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