December 20 2015

Record number of scripted shows aired on TV in 2015

Just how much TV is too much TV? Apparently we haven’t figured that out yet as we set a new record for scripted shows in 2015.

The FX network has been tracking how many scripted shows air each year on broadcast, basic cable, premium cable and OTT (think Netflix).  The number has been expanding rapidly beginning in 2011, and has now hit a staggering 409.

I kind of want to hear someone say, “There’s never anything on,” and then just stare at them and wonder what in the world they are looking to watch.

Here is how it has broken down over the last several years.

Scripted tv 2015 graph

These numbers do not include reality, news, sports, made-for-television movies, specials, daytime and children’s programming.

FX Networks CEO John Landgraf’s said in August, “We believe 2015 will easily blow through the 400 mark.” He went on to add that 2015 or 2016 “will represent peak TV in America, and that we’ll begin to see declines coming the year after that and beyond.” I have to agree with him. There is no way for the networks, cable channels and streaming services to maintain this level of production. The key isn’t quality, but more so just how much time people have to dedicate to watching TV.

I once attended a home video conference as the industry was beginning to decline and heard one of the most brilliant things I’ve ever heard at any business seminar, “We are in a war for people’s free time.” That has never been truer when you add in all of the ways we distract ourselves with web browsing, consumer electronics, video games, movies and televisions. Someone has to lose, and with 409 scripted shows on television there is simply no way they can all survive, especially when there is an unusually high number of quality shows at the moment.

Here’s hoping your favorite shows survive the inevitable culling.

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