January 10 2016

Deadwood movie is greenlit, but many hurdles remain

HBO has said it’s ready for a Deadwood reunion movie, but the hurdles seem almost impossible to make this happen.

I have never hidden my love for HBO’s Deadwood. It is my opinion it may be the finest TV show ever made. Every aspect of this series was a master class, and it is one of the only shows I have ever felt compelled to watch every episode a minimum of twice in the week it was released to catch everything that happened.

That raises the question of why I’m not doing backflips over the news HBO is up for a reunion movie.

Speaking last week at the TCA conference, HBO’s Michael Lombardo confirmed that series creator David Milch has the company’s commitment to make the reunion movie happen that would wrap up the storylines from the series. This is fantastic news, but there are numerous obstacles.

First, Milch is currently committed to another project, so that will take some time to work out.

Second, the Deadwood set was one of the largest and most expensive ever created for TV, it will be a huge task to build it again. The city of Deadwood did have a major fire around the time of the series, so they could use that to change the set some, but it would still not be an easy undertaking.

Lastly, the cast was huge. I mean… huge. Luckily the two key players – Timothy Olyphant and Ian McShane – are not currently locked into series, and while I want to see everyone again, they are the lynchpins. So long as those two are in place, whomever else makes the trek to the film would just be a bonus. Oddly, even one of the other actors from the series (W. Earl Brown who played Dan Dority) agrees.

Nothing would thrill me more to turn on my TV and experience a return to Deadwood and to hear McShane as Al Swearengen deliver one of his masterful soliloquies to a head in a box (you had to watch to understand), but I just don’t know if this can ever really happen.

I certainly hope so.

Source: TV Line .

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