January 15 2016

Oscar Nominations 2016 – An analysis

Normally I stay out of the “so and so got snubbed” debate that follows every Oscar nominations announcement, but this year a couple odd things grabbed my attention.

To be clear, I have not seen every film and performance, and will try to note that where I feel necessary.

Best Picture

Out of these I have only seen Mad Max and The Martian so far. As much as I loved Fury Road, for the life of me I can not figure out why it’s on here. Was it entertaining? Yes. Was it well made? Yes. Is it best picture quality? No.

Ex Machina or Carol could have easily slotted in to replace it and I would have been happy.

Best Actor

Here, I’ve only seen The Martian so far, and I think Damon could have been replaced by Johnny Depp as Whitey Bulger in Black Mass. Damon was great, and the movie was awesome, but Depp was riveting.

I think what happened here is people have begun to question Depp’s performances over the past several years, myself included. And while Black Mass was a movie with some significant pacing issues, Depp was at the absolute top of his game. This was not him focusing on some wacky character flaw or twitch, this was him completely embodying a role, and it works magnificently.

Best Actress

Only seen Carol so far, Blanchett was magnificent.

Best Supporting Actor

Not seen any of these yet, but it seems like Stallone has it in the bag.

Best Supporting Actress

Okay, this is the category that prompted me to write this post… what is Rooney Mara doing here for Carol? If anything she had more screentime than Blanchett, but from what I understand the studio put them forth for different categories in hopes of a double win. I think it’s going to backfire on them and these two very deserving performances are both going to lose.

Best Adapted Screenplay

Carol should win. It probably won’t, but it should

Best Original Screenplay

Ex Machina should be win. Great story and film.

Best Directing

Only seen Mad Max, so very tough call.

The Academy Awards will be held on Feb. 28.

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